Thermal water

The island of Ischia with its complex volcanic origin has a rich hydrothermal among the richest and most interesting in the world.
The thermomineral waters have been used since ancient Roman times for rehabilitative treatments, inhalatory treatments, rheumatic diseases, artropathy, muscletendon pain, gynaecological treatments, peripheral vasculopathy and eudermic treatments (dermatology and beauty treatments). The basic characteristic of the springs in Ischia is that they produce hot and radioactive waters, which are considerably rich in minerals; the most important factor of their natural radioactivity is the noble gas Radon, which, at very low concentrations, possesses curative virtues that are absolutely beneficial. After a careful study of the therapeutic qualities of the thermomineral waters, we have chosen a salt-sulphate-alkaline-earthy hyperthermal water (70°C) for our products. The choice stems from the fact that this water is very similar to the most complex physiological solutions (such as that of Ringer-Lock) used in medicine, where besides sodium chloride we find saline elements such as calcium, potassium, etc, which are essential for the life of the cell. These infinitesimal quantities of oligo elements make the water almost isotonic and therefore able to penetrate inside the cells, acting as a catalyst for organic processes. This restores the equilibrium of the functional statuses, altered due to the accumulation of toxic products or poisons, both for therapeutic interventions with drugs obtained through synthesis and for permanence in urban and industrial centres which are becoming increasingly polluted.
There are various mechanisms through which this water operates – heat, pH, radioactivity and the chemical-physical composition. Today, however, the exact method of operation of these waters is still unknown. Nevertheless, it brings undeniable subjective and objective improvements, testified by centuries of thermal therapies for the treatment and prevention of numerous skin diseases.

We have improved the cosmetological treatment of these waters, matching them with fitoextracts capable of mitigating and correcting the deepest blemishes, preventing skin ageing and guaranteeing the maintenance of both fitness and beauty.

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