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Hydra Cream 50ml + Anti-age Extra Filler 30ml + Anti-age Cream 50ml

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Hydra Cream 50 ml

Multi-active cream suitable for all those types of epidermis that need a special and deep moisturizing action. From the very first applications, the skin appears relaxed, luminous and rich in hydration.

Instructions for use: suitable for all skin types. In the morning, after having carefully cleaned and toned the epidermis, we recommend applying the cream to the face and neck, massaging gently until complete.
absorption. The soft, velvety texture is easy to absorb and provides an ideal make-up base.

Anti-age Extra Filler 30 ml

Hyaluronic acid gel of medium viscosity that has a strong moisturizing power, eliminates signs of fatigue and wrinkles of dehydration and expression. It is useful to remember that the lack of hyaluronic acid (which is one of the fundamental components of man’s connective tissues), determines a weakening of the skin with loss of plasticity and turgidity. Other ingredients such as Aloe Vera and Centella Asiatica have tensor, softening, stimulating, re-epithelizing and vasoprotective effects.

Instructions for use: after cleansing and toning the face, apply a few drops of the product, tapping gently until completely absorbed. Complete the treatment with Anti-Age Cream.

Anti-age Cream 50 ml

Especially recommended for mature skin whose vitality needs to be stimulated and the ageing process slowed down. It is also excellent for impure/mixed skins. It performs a deep nourishing, moisturizing and energizing action on the skin, restoring its natural balance to the epidermis. The cream effectively counteracts the harmful action of the elements responsible for skin aging and prevents makeup from penetrating into the pores with the result that it appears brighter and more durable.

Instructions for use: after cleansing the skin, it is advisable to apply a veil of cream to the face and neck until completely absorbed.


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