Oxygen Mask Kit (pack 5 pcs)


Quando i componenti della polvere e del gel attivatore si mescolano tra loro, si ottiene una maschera “plastica” che applicata sul viso aderisce perfettamente penetrando in profondità nei segni lasciati dalle piccole rughe e dalle imperfezioni della pelle.

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Oxygenating tear-off mask 30 gr

Activator Gel 60 ml

When the components of the powder and activator gel are mixed together, a “plastic” mask is obtained which, when applied to the face, adheres perfectly penetrating deep into the marks left by the small wrinkles and imperfections of the skin. The dry extract of horse tail is reactivated and spreads its regenerating effects on the skin. Equisetum or “horsetail” is a healing herb whose discovery dates back about three hundred million years. Due to the strong presence of silica, it was used in ancient times to polish wooden and metal objects. Rich also in calcium, magnesium and potassium, it is known for its toning, moisturizing, healing properties and its action, with a natural anti-wrinkle effect, slows down the aging of the skin. It is also used in treatments against stretch marks and cellulite. Left on the face it helps to increase the hydration of the skin which appears, immediately after the “tear”, brighter and more compact.

Instructions for use: pour one and a half scoops of powder into a container of adequate capacity. Add three scoops of activator gel. Mix the two products vigorously with a spatula until a homogeneous mixture is obtained. Spread the mask quickly with the spatula over the face and décolleté and form a homogeneous layer of about half a centimetre. Leave it on for 15/20 minutes and starting from the edges, lift the whole mask by one piece.

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