“Remise en Forme” Kit (pack 4 pcs)


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Algae powder mask 50 gr.

Algae Activator Gel 100 ml.

The Brown algae “Kelp”, one of the many active ingredients present in this tear-off mask, dissolves the adipose tissue giving the skin firmness and elasticity. The dry extract of Equisetum and Aloe vera give a sparkling effect to the skin. The active principles of caffeine, theophylline and theobromine extract are ideal to stimulate the micro-circulation against oedematous and adipose orange peel cellulite.  Giving a highly draining, toning and reshaping action. Thanks also to the properties of the Thermal Water of the island of Ischia, the results are immediate and visible.

Instructions for use: pour the contents of the two bags into a bowl and turn quickly until the mixture is homogeneous. Apply the mask with a wooden stick or latex gloves over the entire area. Cover the mask with a sheet of paper and make it adhere well to the body. After 20 minutes of application remove the paper together with the mask residue.

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