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Crema Doposole 50ml + Crema Solare Alta Protezione SPF 50+ 50ml + Ischia Fresh “Freshness” 50 ml.

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After-Sun Cream 50 ml

Soothing after-sun milk with a light and soft texture formulated to restore moisture and freshness to skin exposed to the sun’s rays. It contains organic olive oil and aloe oil known for their sebum-restitutive and elastic properties. It is absorbed immediately without leaving any greasiness. From the first applications the skin appears softer and brighter.

Instructions for use: apply the product with a light massage after exposure to sunlight. Also excellent as after bathing. Apply to all areas of the face and body after sun exposure or UVA-UVB lamps.

High Protection Sun Cream SPF 50+ 50ml

Highly protective sun cream particularly suitable for sensitive, delicate and fair skin, ideal also for children. It is an excellent adjuvant in the prevention and treatment of redness due to sun damage. Moreover, thanks to the presence of Thermal Water among the ingredients, it favours considerable benefits in rebalancing the skin.

Instructions for use: apply abundantly before sun exposure and renew the application several times during the day. It is not greasy, but is absorbed like a normal moisturizing cream.

Ischia Fresh “Freshness” 50 ml

Cosmetic rich in mineral salts and natural elements whose essential components of thermal water allow a comfortable and versatile use: its balanced ionic composition allows its use on all skin types and in every situation. As a refreshing, in the hot season, it tones and quenches the thirst; as a soothing and rebalancing product it can be used after shaving; as a make-up stabilizer it can be vaporized on the face before leaving; as a light moisturizer and quickly absorbed on irritated skin. Finally as a complement to daily face and neck care it is a good adjuvant of Anti-Age creams sprayed after cleansing and before masks or creams.

Instructions for use: spray evenly and allow to absorb.


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