Zing Oxide Soothing Mask


Soothing mask for reddened and inflamed skin.

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Soothing mask for reddened and inflamed skin. The Marjoram and Cypress essential oils synergise the calming action of this high quality cosmetic, which stands out for the precious reparative and keratoplastic properties of Allantoina, due to the effectively refreshing Menthol and the extraordinary antireddening function of the Zinc Oxide when treating inflamed or burned skin.

Instructions for use: we suggest to apply a thin layer after cleansing and lightly moistening the face with the Thermal Tonic, avoiding the eye and mouth contour. Leave in place for 10-15 minutes. Delicately remove the mask residues with cotton wool soaked in the Thermal Tonic. Use once-twice a week or when you need to smoothen or refresh the skin. Indicated after waxing.

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